Stepney Green City Farm


Stepney Way

So I ran past the city farm one day and, intrigued by the goats, thought I’d pop along during the farmer’s market 10am-3pm on a Saturday.

It was great – so many animals! Big pigs, little pigs, goats, sheep, big chickens, little chickens, big ducks, little ducks, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets and donkeys. Not to mention the cheeky mouse hiding amongst the sawdust and the cutest black kitten who came up to play.


For a moment I was Snow White.

Luckily  for everyone, I didn’t start singing and whistling.

It was a bit weird seeing so many animals in such a little space – especially when the pigeons lingered. But there was a great sense of community spirit and something nicely surreal about the gerkin’s presence in the back drop.

The most disappointed thing was that we hadn’t thought to bring cash because the food looked sensational!

But I do hope to come back many times – so I will definitely get the opportunity to taste the juice.

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